Congratulations and welcome to the counseling profession!  If you are searching for supervision, you are about to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth in a field which can be challenging but deeply rewarding.  Finding the right supervisor for your needs is an important step in the process.  I recommend LPC Associates interview with several supervisors before choosing the right one.

As a supervisor, I play several roles during an internship including teacher, guide, director, ethics investigator, collaborator, advocate, and eventually peer and colleague.  My goal as a supervisor is not only compliance with ethical standards but to nourish development and use the internship to determine what populations you are best suited for, what modality you want to master and how I can help you grow and flourish in the field.  I do not push my approach to counseling but encourage you to find your own voice and make your personal mark in the field.   

I am looking for LPC Associates who take the supervision process seriously, value and follow LPC ethical standards, show up to supervision prepared and use their time wisely, and are willing to continue their education with advanced trainings and / or certifications.  At my practice, I do not hire LPC Associates.  I supervise LPC Associates who are accruing hours at agencies or other practices.  If you would like to set up a free phone interview, please complete the form below. 

I also offer EMDR consultation in person or telephone / skype.  I completed EMDRIA basic training in 2007 and was certified in 2011.  I have consulted with EMDR practitioners for a variety of approaches including complex trauma, early childhood abuse, codependency, addictions, major anxiety disorders, severe depression, grief, art and expressive techniques, resource development approaches and much more. 

Ashley Kuehne, LPC-S, LCDC
​Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

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